We make it easy for your customers to make a reservation online on your website. Unlike other online reservation services, the reservation system is integrated with your website, there is no need to return to the original source to make the reservation. We provide a custom Interface for your customers to make reservations Anytime Anywhere using their Computers, iPad, Tabs or Mobile Phones. Across the Street Reservation interface will be branded with your logo and website Style. We do not brand Across the Street Logo anywhere in your reservation page. You will also have access all of the user's email and phone number for future promotion.
You will be able to manage all your locations with ease.
All the reservations/cancellations will be instantly updated for you to view with the click of a button.
With all the statistics readily available to you, you will be in a position to make more informed business decisions based on the reservation trends for different days of the week, weekends, special occasions & festivities.
No matter how many locations, or how many menus, we make it easy for you to update your menu online through our integrated tool. Manage breakfast, lunch, dinner, happy hour or even different menus for different locations all from a single interface.
One click on your website automatically creates a downloadable PDF for your customers. No need to create extra documents. PDF's are printer ready.
Quickly update all or any menus. Different day parts of different locations, multiple menu options in one interface will save you management time.
Add pictures to each item. Create an impressive online menu.
Interface can handle multiple product options with multiple prices (Example: Tacos: Chicken:$9.00 - Beef:$10.50).
This tool gives your customers a fast easy way to communicate with you about an upcoming special event. Our online tool will send you a clear formatted for with all the information you need to follow up with you customer about their corporate / special occasion catering event.
Top Benefits of Catering Management
Integration: Across the Street Catering application can be seemlessly integrated with your website.
Catering order tracking: Stay up to date on all upcoming catering orders. View the status of specific order, including their scheduled pickup times.
Customer profiles: Customer profiles include contact information and ordering history. Search for customers by name, email or phone number to ensure orders are correctly filled and on time.
Order history database: Keep detailed order histories of your customers to better understand purchasing behavior and assist in future catering orders.
Create new offers every day, once a week or monthly. It's easy with our online tool. You can provide attractive offers that will drive customers into your restaurant today.
Your special offers/deals will get maximum visibility within the relevant audience when you use Across The Street’s features listing services.
You will get high volume of responses, when you strategize your deals/offers based on market trends for different days of the week, weekends, special occasions & festivities.
Customer Feedback is key to a restaurant's success today. We make it so that customers can give you feedback right on their website. With Across The Street, it's a two way communication. You can review and respond to customer reviews and take action. This often keep an angry customer from making a review and allows you time as an owner to fix the problem.
When you have your ratings & feedback available online, you already are ahead of businesses that don't. You are in control of monitoring feedback.
You design your own feedback categories, choose what features get "star" reviews. You can plan your business decisions based on the kind of feedback you receive.
It will help you to take corrective action in case of customer dissatisfaction, and find out improvement areas in serving your customers.
Use your rating to edge past your competitors. Get meaningful feedback and the opportunity to interact directly with the customer.
Customer loyalty is the number one sales driver in a restaurant today. We provide easy access for your customers to sign up for your E-club where you can provide email birthday and/or anniversary gifts instantly with your guests, It is also a great way to communicate changes in menu or special events at the restaurant.
Benefits of using eClub Registration:
Business loves to delight their guests. eClub registration is a simple integrated form to collect prospects and keep them engaged with your business.
Business loves to delight their guests. eClub registration is a simple integrated form to collect prospects and keep them engaged with your business. The benefits user get by becoming a member of the exclusive VIP club is being aware of the latest promotional activities, information about latest products and collections. What’s more, user also stand to win a monthly surprises, special offers and promotions from the business owner!
Social media evolves on a daily basis. What remains consistent is content and user engagement. Branding your business is an ongoing activity. It can be challenging and time consuming to maintain a strong presence while engaging prospects on multiple social sites.
With Social Media connect to your social accounts. Update your status, post to your blogs and maintain an active presence within one platform. Track your likes, fans, re-tweets, followers and updates. Feel secure about your posts.
We set your website up to integrate with every social media platform you are using to promote your business. Our social marketing tool allows you to schedule post in advance so that you don’t have to online all day ever day. You can also respond and monitor key word phrases through the tool. You can find “in-market” shoppers near your restaurant and shoot them a message via social media instantly.
Mobile cell phone usage has taken over desktop use. Business Owners must have a mobile friendly website that has responsive content. It is the only way search engines will view your website as credible and show you in search results on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Online Presence Optimization: There are over 400 online directory listings, review sites and social media platforms across the Internet. Our tool pushes our your content and assures that it is accurate and up to date. Google gives your website preference when every piece of information about your website matches identically. This means your restaurant shows up on the first page and in the Google Maps.
SEO Optimization Our online presence builder tool and structural sites designs assure the key words and information relevant to your business are consistent across all channels. We have access to over 400 online web directories, review sites and social media platforms, and we assure your business is consistent across every one.